In a relatively short time I found my endurance, strength and stability improving.
— Gretchen


When I started training with Nathan I had been working with a different trainer for about 6 months at a different location. I originally started using a personal trainer because I had been working out on my own doing primarily cardio and didn’t understand how to use the free weights correctly or build a program that would help me reach my goals. I decided to start training with Nathan because my original trainer was only using machines which was not what I wanted help with to reach my goals.

My main goals, being in my late 30’s, was to lower my body fat percentage while increasing my muscle mass and strength. I was a little nervous switching trainers because I didn’t want to have the same experience I had with my previous trainer. Working with Nathan has been a great experience because he not only works with me during our training sessions but also taught me the skills to workout on my own and be comfortable in the gym using all the equipment available. His dedication to teaching me to train correctly and his knowledge of nutrition has allowed me to reach my original goals. I have been able to set new goals and continue to improve my strength, increase my muscle mass and decrease my body fat. 

Nathan is a great trainer for all fitness levels as he has modified his own physic over the last few years and understands it is not an easy process. He is very motivating and helps keep me positive even when I slip up in my program. I highly recommend anyone that wants to improve their physic to work with Nathan regardless of your current fitness level.


I was very fortunate to have Nathan Juarez work with me as my trainer over a six month period last year.  I needed help at the time to increase my conditioning and learn how to protect myself against injury.  I am over sixty years old and still doing a lot of hard physical work, specifically, forest thinning.  Aches and pains were increasingly hampering my plans to improve the sustainability of my timberland.

Nate was the first trainer to work with me who really listened to my goals and recognized my aptitude.  He did not underestimate me while still recognizing my vulnerabilities due to my age, partial deafness, and the nature of my work.  He had me focus on my core strength and balance with exercises that involved both.  He made sure my form was good and pushed me through reps to help me build muscle.   

In a relatively short time I found my endurance, strength and stability improving.  He also helped me with my diet to ensure I was getting sufficient protein to build muscle and improve recovery.  As a bonus, I became leaner and my clothes fit better!

When I started working with Nathan I was in decent shape.  After working with him six months I was in very good shape.  I continue to use the many varied and interesting exercises he taught me and to be careful with my form.  I am careful to consume sufficient protein and use recovery formula.  My weight has stabilized at a lower weight than in years past.  Moreover, I have been able to do a lot of forest thinning without injury.  

Training with Nathan continues to support me in my work and enjoyment of life!


When I signed up to train with Nathan, my body was soft, my stress level was high and my routine was inconsistent.  After having a baby a few years prior, I had struggled with being consistent with exercise, I was only running, and the concept of strength training was overwhelming because I had no idea what I was doing.  I had reservations initially due to my busy schedule and honestly, I was also worried that I wasn’t in shape enough to work with a trainer. 

Those reservations disappeared almost immediately after starting with Nathan.  Together we set up a plan that worked with my schedule and he helped me understand that everyone was once a beginner and that’s ok.  He also took the time to teach me about strength training, nutrition, and how to balance it all with my busy life.  He is very knowledgeable and really took the time to help me set both short term and long term personal goals around things I wanted to achieve. 

The program he built for me was about me, not him, and the results were incredible.  I ran in my first ½ marathon after only 6 months of working with Nathan, lost almost 10% body fat, and found a new passion, weight lifting!  The biggest achievement though, would have to be the selfcare aspect.  For the first time, in a long time, I was doing something just for me, something that gave me “me” time throughout the week, relieved stress and positively impacted my well-being. 

I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone interested in personal training/coaching!